Pre-screening for Five-batch Testing

In order to provide a firm quotation for the five batch analysis we offer a pre-screening service of all technical materials to provide a firm profile within acceptable closure limits.

We can provide advice on the impurities that may be present in a technical material from our wide range of successful product registration data.

We can also identify inorganic impurities using an Ion Chromatography screening, which can detect salts in the product.

Our ICP screening includes a large list of elements to be scanned within the technical material. This can highlight the presence of salts, but it can also show the presence of less desirable elements such as heavy metals.

Often these techniques can save time and money by avoiding assays for impurities which are not present, whilst targeting previously unknown impurities. We often find a new inorganic impurity can make up a short fall in the closure of an impurity profile.

Here is a list of some of the more challenging impurities which DNAL has experience of working with.

  • R287431, an impurity of Mesotrione
  • R287432, an impurity of Mesotrione
  • Impurites of Glyphosate, including NNG, Formaldehyde, IDA, Glycine, NMG, PMIDA, AMPA AND MAMPA
  • NMP, an impurity of Fluroxypyr
  • M515, an impurity of Azoxystrobin
  • DABCO, an impurity of Azoxystrobin
  • Individual Specific Nitrosamines
  • Total Nitrosamines by TEA

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