Reach Testing and Analysis Consultants

If you are requiring reach testing and analysis services, David Norris Analytical Laboratories is a fully equipped reach testing company which enables you to determine physico chemical properties in accordance with REACH regulations. Contact DNAL today to discuss your REACH testing requirements.

The REACH tests we can offer include:
(This list is not exhaustive)

  • Auto Flammability
    EEC A15 / EEC A16
  • Flammability
    EEC A10
  • Oxidising Ability
    EEC A17
  • Explosivity
    As a Theoretical Certificate
  • Dissociation Constant
    OECD 112
  • Viscosity
    OECD 114
  • Melting / Freezing Point
    EEC A1
  • Boiling Point
    EEC A2
  • Relative Density
    EEC A3
  • Vapour Pressure
    EEC A4
  • Surface Tension
    EEC A5
  • Water Solvent Solubility
    EEC A6
  • Partition Coefficient N-Octanol / Water
    EEC A8
  • Flash Point
    EEC A9
  • Appearance
    EPA 830.6302/3/4
  • UV/Vis Spectra
    OECD 101
  • Hydrolysis
    OECD 111
If a test is required and is not listed above, please contact us.

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