Good Laboratory Practice

David Norris Analytical Laboratories is routinely inspected by Regulatory Authorities to ensure that we continue to meet the rigorous requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

We are very proud to be a member of the GLP programme since the Company began in 2005. GLP is an industry leading laboratory quality system. We are committed to the principles of GLP and this is evident in all that we do.

Here are the details of our most recent Regulatory Inspections:

MHRA (GLP) September 2021 Download
MHRA (GLP) August 2018 Download
MHRA (GLP) March 2016 Download
MHRA (GLP) January 2014 Download
MHRA (GLP) October 2011 Download
MHRA (GLP) August 2009 Download
MHRA (GLP) March 2007 Download
MHRA (GLP) December 2005 Download
Download Latest GLP Certificate of Compliance

Our GLP Certificates have been legalized and accepted for registration in Argentina, Brazil and several other South American Countries.