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We have a huge knowledge of method development and we can often come up with novel ideas to solve complex chemistry problems.

Yes, you are always welcome to talk directly to David or any of the other analytical team working on your projects.

Absolutely. We are very happy to enter into Commercial Confidentiality Agreements if required.

To comply with GLP, we have to retain the raw data for at least two years for all GLP studies, after this point you are welcome to take the original data.

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Just ask us for a quote. You might be surprised at how competitive a tailored quality analysis can be.

In general if you tell us what you are looking to achieve we will work with you to understand what analysis is required to meet your needs, and provide you with a quote.

No, if there is any additional work required we will always contact you to ascertain whether you wish this work to be undertaken.

With associated MSDS sheets where available. Samples should be sent in a suitable packing box and labelled with as much relevant information as possible. If you are sending us a formulation, it needs to be sent in commercial packaging.

We are frequently asked for results to be available quickly, and we will always strive to meet client deadlines.

As a general rule, a five batch study can be complete to draft report stage within six to eight weeks on receipt of signed GLP Study Plan and all necessary samples and certified reference standards.

In respect of formulation storage stability studies, we can provide a draft report within approximately five weeks on receipt of a signed GLP Study Plan, all necessary samples and certified reference standards.

If your Company has not worked with DNAL before, the following information may be of help:

We can tailor projects to your needs, just ask us and we will try and help you resolve any issue.

Kirsty Norris, Commercial Director or David Norris, Managing Director

A Study Director is assigned to your project, and you will be regularly updated by the Study Director in respect of progress.

A draft report will be sent to you for your review and consideration. Once we have your approval, and have resolved any queries you may have, we will issue a Final Report.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you can’t find an answer to your question:

+44 (0)1322 228 783 or email us